Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Long time, no post.

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted on here....
I have been starting to get upset about my infertility again, with all my weight loss and what not I had come a long way, I was starting to have periods on my own for the first time ever, and all my levels were normal, on the high end of normal but normal nonetheless.
So in October I had a normal 26 day cycle and had a period by myself, then in December I did it again, beginning of February it happened for the last time. I hadn't since had a period, so I went back on birth control to help give me some regulation. I had stopped taking my metformin, because I didn't need it anymore, but with the increase in weight (20 pounds I put back on when Kyle came home) I need it again.
Also, with having surgery on my foot (to read about that, you can check out my blog mrsmacaroni.blogspot.com), I haven't been able to work out, in fact today I can start again and I am determined to lose these 20 pounds I put back on by August.

I have started having dreams about having children, the thing is that in my dreams, they aren't even mine, they are adopted children. And while I am not against adoption, I still want to be able to give mine and Kyle's beautiful children a fighting chance, I haven't mourned the loss of that biological child yet, I am not ready to close that door. I have started to look into fostering, maybe that is something I can do for a while to help me, and help others at the same time. In Arizona there is a pretty extensive process that a family has to go through in order to foster a child, which is great, it should be that way. There is a workshop that helps families look into it a week from tomorrow, and Kyle and I might go just to get a better idea about whether or not it's something we can do, or if it is right for us.

Since I am going to school full time in the fall, if we do foster, I would be interested in fostering between the ages of 5-9 where they would be at school while I am, and I would still be able to open up a loving home for them.

If anyone has been through a fostering program, any insights would help.

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